Frequently Asked Questions

How is Napretty different from others?

1.We updated at least 50 pcs enery week to ensure we stay in tune with the latest fashion trends.

2.Our nail patches are of excellent quality, and they can be reused by simply changing the glue. Whether under UV light or in the absence of it, our adhesive patches provide a consistently secure user experience.

3.Our nail patches exude a premium texture, resembling the quality you'd get from salon and we offer a much wider variety of styles.

What's included in each semicured UV gel nail sticker kit?

Each nail box comes with:
• 1x 20 nail strips

• 1x nail file

• 1x wooden cuticle stick

• 1x alcohol pad

Do you offer wholesale?

If you are a business or retailer and are interested in carrying NAPRETTY nails in your store, please email us at wholesale@napretty.comwith a brief description of your business and proposal. We are happy to consider any and all opportunities.

Will this damage my nails?

No, the gel is safe, non-toxic, HEMA free and made with salon grade gel polish. The cured gel serves as an additional layer of protection, strengthening the nails from breakage and biting.

How long do Napretty manicures last?

With proper nail prep and application, NAPRETTY should last 2 weeks or more, sometimes over a month!

Just make sure to not stick it on any skin or cuticle.

Are they suitable for short nails?Will they fit my nails?

certainly! Our nail strips are designed to be versatile and suitable for a variety of nail lengths. As long as there is a nail bed to attach to, you can enjoy NAPRETTY's gel nail stickers regardless of nail length.

Are they waterproof?

Yes, they are designed to be water-resistant. They can withstand regular exposure to water, making them ideal for everyday activities, handwashing, and showering without compromising their adhesion or design.