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semicured nail stickers BD-850

semicured nail stickers BD-850

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  • Salon Quality in Minutes
  • Gentle on your nails
  • No Nail Damage & No Chips

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What's included

Each nail box comes with:
• 1x 20 nail strips

• 1x nail file

• 1x wooden cuticle stick

• 1x alcohol pad

Product details

Treat someone (or yourself) to our Napretty Gels nails. Made from real gel polish, they're ultra long-lasting and can be removed with no nail damage. It's the ultimate alternative to salon nails. With our powerful Slim travel lamp, having beautiful nails wherever you go is easy as child's play!

 Made from our high-quality gel technology, Napretty Gels are:

• HEMA free

• Easy peel-and-stick application, allowing for hassle free at home use

• Chip-resistant and long-lasting for weeks

• Doesn't damage your nail and removal is simple

• Convenient and time-saving, perfect for busy individuals

You'll enjoy salon quality nails from home within minutes.

*Intended use to add strength and durability to natural nails NOT to add length*

How long do they last?

Napretty Gels will last 2+ weeks. Proper application and the use of a top coat can extend their longevity.

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  • 0% Cured

    Not vinyl or plastic,we use 100% real liquid gel.

  • 60% Cured

    The jelly like type allows easy appication and fits all nail size.

  • 100% Cured STRONG!

    Nails will completely harden and last up to 14 days.

  • Done

    Without artist's skills,you can achieve the high-end,salon quality gel nails at home.

"Real gel polish to stick on and also easy to remove. A dream come true. The strips give every manicure studio quality that lasts up to 2 weeks!“

Easy to apply

1.Stick on

2.Stretch around your nail

3.Cut off excess / Clip off after




New style semi-cured gel nail strips are made fromreal gel nail polish ingredients, not plastic material.




How to apply?

1. Smooth your nails by using a nail file and remove the dead skin around the nails.

2. Clean nails with analcohol pad, wait for your nails to dry.

3. Choose the right size, peel off the clear protective film.

4. Place on your fingernail gently.

5. Use a wood stick to apply pressure around the edges.

6. Remove the excess by using a nail file.

* Please Note: Gel Nail Wraps need Cure for 60 Seconds for a strong manicure with an amazing glossy finish.

How to remove?

STEP 1: Apply cuticle oil around the edges

STEP 2: Gently lift around the edges using the wooden stick provided

STEP 3: Apply more cuticle oil and continue to gently lift around the edges until fully removed

How long do NAPRETTY manicures last?

Napretty Gels will last 2+ weeks. Proper application and the use of a top coat can extend their longevity.

Are they waterproof?

Yes, they are designed to be water-resistant. They can withstand regular exposure to water, making them ideal for everyday activities, handwashing, and showering without compromising their adhesion or design.